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Ratio and Proportion

Here are your daily MyMaths (complete both the lesson and task) and CPG Booklet tasks

Please also continue to do your Numeracy Ninja starters everyday and your weekly arithmetic test paper.


In addition, if you would like more support or just more practice with a certain skill,

visit: corbettmaths or bbc bitesize 


WATCH - Ratios Introduction - what are ratios?

Ratios are used to compare different quantities. In this introduction to ratios we will look at what ratios are, how we deal with ratios of different measure...

MyMaths task -

1) Modelling ratio


WATCH - How to Simplify Ratios | Simplifying Ratios

Welcome to Simplifying Ratios with Mr. J! Need help with how to simplify a ratio? You're in the right place! Whether you're just starting out, or need a quic...

MyMaths task -

1) Ratio Introduction


Booklet task

2) Complete page 33 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


WATCH - Dividing amounts into a ratio

Dividing amounts into a ratio is not only easy, it can be done quickly with only a few steps. You will be a master at this in only a few minutes through lear...

MyMaths task -

1) Ratio dividing 1



WATCH - Rate problems

MyMaths task -

1) Scaling and rate problems 



Complete the arithmetic paper below