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Here are your daily MyMaths (complete both the lesson and task) and CPG Booklet tasks

Please also continue to do your Numeracy Ninja starters everyday and your weekly arithmetic test paper.


In addition, if you would like more support or just more practice with a certain skill,

visit: corbettmaths or bbc bitesize 


WATCH - Algebraic Notation

Corbettmaths - This video goes through all the common algebraic notation needed for GCSE maths. Practice Questions:

MyMaths task -

1) Introduction to algebra



WATCH - Function Machines - Corbettmaths

This video goes through 5 typical GCSE style questions on Number/Function Machines. It builds up to those that involve algebraic expressions or equations Tex...

MyMaths task -

1) Function machines


Booklet task

2) Complete page 43 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


WATCH - Collecting Like Terms - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - This video explains how to simplify expressions by collecting like terms. Useful for Key Stage 3 and GCSE Mathematics. Practice Questions: htt...

MyMaths task -

1) Simplifying 1


Booklet task

2) Complete page 42 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


WATCH - Algebra Basics: Solving Basic Equations Part 1 - Math Antics

This video shows students how to solve simple 1-step Algebra equations involving only addition or subtraction. Part of the Algebra Basics Series: https://www...

MyMaths task -

1) Order of operations


Booklet task

2) Complete page 44 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


Complete the arithmetic paper below