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Changes to Maths Online Learning

From now on, your maths teacher will be setting you at least one daily MyMaths task to complete. All your scores will be available for your teacher to view so they can see how you are getting on with your work. We will also be adding helpful videos and CPG booklet tasks to support with your learning. Please continue to do your Numeracy Ninja starters everyday and your weekly arithmetic test paper to develop your number skills. 


In addition, if you would like more support or just more practice with a certain skill,

visit: corbettmaths or bbc bitesize 


MyMaths task

1) Add and subtract problems 


Booklet task

2) Complete pages 7 & 8 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


MyMaths tasks -

1) Introduction to negative numbers

2) Negative numbers 1

Negative Numbers: An Overview

In this video, you'll learn more about negative numbers. Visit for our text-based lesson. Thi...


MyMaths tasks -

1) Negative numbers in context 

2) Negative numbers 2


Booklet task

3) Complete page 12 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 

Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers

In this video, you'll learn more about adding and subtracting negative numbers. Visit for our...


MyMaths tasks -

1) Order of operations 


Booklet task

2) Complete page 13 in your KS3 Maths CPG booklet 


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