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Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear

Author: Andy Stanton Illustrator: David Tazzyman

Publisher: Egmont


Mr Gum is a very nasty man. He is mean, cruel, smelly and ruthless and has a dastardly plan to make money out of Padlock the bear.

Padlock the bear is as tall as 40 hamsters and weighs as much as 19,000 grapes. He is also sad and ill because he is homesick for the Kingdom of the Beasts.

His little friend Polly decides she must somehow get Padlock home before he dies of a broken heart. But is Polly's resourcefulness any match for Mr Gum's wickedness?

This fifth book about the thoroughly unpleasant Mr Gum has a ludicrous plot, bizarre characters and explores language and humour in ways as yet undiscovered by other authors.


I love the Mr Gum series. They are very funny. I like the way the story is told in small chunks so that you can just read a little bit at a time.


'Mr and Mrs Twit are really disgusting, they smell because they never wash, they fight because they play tricks on each other, AND they hate children. But worst of all, they keep monkeys in their back garden. In cages. It's time for the monkeys to get their revenge on these two most revolting creatures...'


An all time classic! I love reading this story and I enjoy the illustrations by Quentin Blake.