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This week you will be looking at refreshing your knowledge around decimals and place value. 


Don’t forget to complete the 5-a-day for the 18th - 22nd May. 



  1. Login in to and complete the tasks on decimal place value and ordering decimals.

  2. Complete the Twinkl worksheet (Task 2) and mark 


  1. Login in to and complete the tasks on multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. 

  2. Complete the Corbettmaths worksheets provided on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and mark. (Task 2) 

  3. If you are finding the above easy have a go at Task 3 (answers available in the powerpoint presentation). 


Complete the three mymaths activities: 

  1. Adding decimals mental 

  2. Adding decimals in columns intro 

  3. Add & subtract decimals 


  1. Watch the video at 

  2. Complete the worksheet and mark. 

  3. Pick at least 3 questions (except Q10) from task 3 and mark. 


  1. Complete ‘rounding decimals’ on mymaths. 

  2. Have a go at the following Nrich task 

Solution is available at: 

If you have done this before have a go at this Nrich problem ( 

If you need dice, go to 

If you are finding some of these tasks difficult then have a look at some of the support tasks in the 'optional tasks to try first' section of the year 5 area.