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Maths Home Learning W/C 11th May 2020


This week you will be looking at refreshing multiplication and division skills and then switching back into fractions to recap and move on. 


Don’t forget to complete the 5-a-day each day for the 11th - 15th May. 



  1. Watch the video at: 

  2. Complete the worksheet and mark. 

  3. Logon to mymaths and complete the activities for multiply double digits and mental multiplication. 



  1. If needed watch the video to remind yourself how to do short division. 

  2. Pick a worksheet to complete – do 5 questions and mark. If you don’t all 5 correct keep going until you have got 5 correct 

  3. Logon on to mymaths- Your parent/carer will have received a message on epraise with your log in. Complete the mental division lesson and then the activity. 

  4. Complete the task in finding the mistake by being the teacher. Choose a level of difficulty you are comfortable with. 



  1. Complete the mymaths lesson on writing remainders as fractions and then complete the associated homework task. 

  2. Complete the mymaths lesson on interpreting remainders and then the homework activity. 

  3. Look at the question cards and choose five to have a go at. Mark your work with the answers provided. 


  1. Watch the video at: 

  2. Complete the worksheet and mark. 

  3. If you need more practice choose and appropriate sheet and mark after. 

  4. If you don’t feel you need extra practice then try the challenge cards. Pick 5 and then mark. 



  1. Watch the video at: 

  2. Complete worksheet and mark 

  3. Logon to mymaths and complete the homework screen on multiplying fractions – use the lesson screen first if you are unsure. 

Support Work:


Please complete the above tasks unless you have been directed by your teacher to use the links below.