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This week you will be consolidating and extending your knowledge of properties of shape. You will start off by revising quadrilaterals. Next you will review the properties of 3D shape. Following this, you will apply your knowledge of shape to understand how nets made up of 2D shapes form 3D shapes. Finally, you will look at how to calculate volume (the space inside a 3D shape).


5-a-day worksheets are found in the 5-a-day folder on the website in the home learning area. You don’t need to print the 5-a-day worksheets. These could be answered from your device writing your answers on paper. Choose a level you feel comfortable with, but provides a challenge. Bronze easiest, platinum most difficult. The correct date is at the top of each day’s sheets. Don’t forget to mark your work with the answers provided 

Monday - Quadrilaterals: 

Tuesday - 3D Shape:

  • Use the 5-a-day worksheet provided 

  • Watch the video on 3D shape: 

  • Complete the worksheet (Task 3) and mark 

  • Review Presentation – 3D Shape Mastery (Task 4) 

  • Complete reasoning worksheet and mark (don’t worry if you find the last question (nets) difficult you will be looking at these tomorrow. (Task 5) 

Wednesday - Nets:

Thursday - Volume:

  • Use the 5-a-day worksheet provided 

  • Watch the video on volume: 

  • Complete the worksheet (Task 3) and mark 

  • If you found the above difficult try Task 4. If you are happy with it try Task 5 (part 1 presentation and part 2 reasoning questions) 

  • If you still find it tricky try Task 6 and mark (answers included) 

Friday - Bank Holiday:

If the weather is nice go in the garden and find some things that you could sort eg. flowers. How could they be sorted? Could you use a Venn diagram? What else could you use?