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Witton Middle School



The homework expectations for each week (set on Friday and in on the next Friday) are:


- 15 minutes of reading each week - please record this on epraise (a slot for this will appear soon). This will checked by class teachers on Friday.


- 2 to 4 SPaG pages from the CGP book set by the English set teacher - this will be marked in set class on Friday


- 2 - 4 tasks for maths on the MyMaths programme set by your maths teacher - this will marked on line as the children complete it.


- Fluency tasks for maths - again through MyMaths and marked on line as the children complete it.


Spelling list - this will given out on Friday and tested on Friday in English sets

The children will have received a login from their teacher.

The School ID is WM6646

Your child will have their own personal login details for this site. This will have been given to them by their maths teacher. 

The school user name is: witton1

The school login is: success276