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SUMMER CENTURY CATCH-UP - click 'home learning help' below!

Welcome to our Home Learning Help and Information page.  As well as information about our home learning offer you can find recent updates on Home Learning; guides and instructions; links to important websites and ways to get help with technology. Please scroll down to explore all that is available and contact us if you have any queries.


Please remember that we are all learning together.  We are here to support you in any way we can and we know you are all doing your best!  


Where do I find out what my child's home learning tasks are?

Home Learning tasks for all year groups are listed on Epraise in the planner.


Epraise will tell your child what and where their work is, and direct them to Microsoft and Teams.  They will be able to join live lessons for English and maths at the time allocated by their usual timetable.  Children will be provided with at least 4 hours work per day. 


Please see the guides and help sheets below for additional information.

Quick Student & Parent Guide to using Teams

Essential Links
Summer Term Home Learning