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Click 'Home Learning Help' below if you wish to know more about Witton Middle School's plans for home learning. 

Home Learning and Catch up with Century

All of our pupils now have immediate access to, which they can use to learn, practise or improve on areas of English, maths or science if they are needing to isolate at home - or as much as they would like to!


The recent periods of National Lockdown have interrupted childrens' learning, and here at Witton we are keen to support children to continue their learning at home. We have utilised Government catch-up funding to purchase an exciting personalised online learning package to support children with maths, English and science.  


All children will have access to this both within and beyond the school day, so that they can build up their knowledge and skills. Whilst not compulsory, we hope that many families will encourage their child to log on and make the most of the interesting activities on offer. The learning 'nuggets' in your child's personal pathway include videos and 'remember cards' to support them.  The more the children do, the more the system recognises areas of relative strength or development needs and personalises their content.


If your child does not have a suitable device, please contact Mrs Walsh as we do have a small number of devices that can be loaned out to support the children.


Further information about Century is included below and a support sheet ‘CENTURY pupil help – Getting started!’ provides detailed instructions.


Please ensure your child follows the instructions carefully.  In particular:

  • Google 'century tech' to find the home page or click on the link below
  • When you click 'login', make sure you then use the sign in with office 365 option or it will not work
  • When you input your email address, it must be the whole thing, using the child's school ID and the extension
  • Complete a chosen diagnostic then look out for the personalised nuggets of learning that appear in your My Path feed.

CENTURY - Getting started helpsheet!

What is CENTURY?  

CENTURY is an online learning tool for students using the latest technology.  

The platform identifies every student’s strengths and gaps in knowledge. Students can log in and complete work that has been suggested for them by the advanced recommendation engine, or work which has been set by teachers. It allows students to take control of their own learning and for teachers to get real-time data on progress, allowing them to quickly identify which students need support or additional challenge.  


What does this mean for my child’s learning?  

CENTURY will run alongside existing teaching methods and will be incorporated into classroom and home learning. The school will ensure that all students will have access to appropriate facilities to complete work on CENTURY.  


Accessing CENTURY  

Students are able to access CENTURY at anytime and anywhere. The website to access is click on account login then enter the student’s unique login details. The login details will be given to them by their teacher. CENTURY can be accessed from tablets and laptops. The best browsers are Chrome on PCs and Android devices and Safari on iPads. Currently mobile phones do not support CENTURY.  


What does this mean for my child’s personal data?  

CENTURY is fully compliant with all relevant data protection legislation, including GDPR and has processes in places to ensure data is secure.  


How do I find out more?  

If you have any questions about CENTURY you can visit CENTURY’s website or email CENTURY at or talk to your child’s teacher.