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History -The Vikings – History Detective


This session looks at Viking artefacts found in Britain. They were found in the Viking settlement of Jorvik, now known as York. You will study these artefacts to find out more about the Vikings.


Step 1:

Before conducting your investigation of Viking artefacts you will need to find out how to be a Historian by watching this video:

BBC Learning | How to be a Historian

Step 2:

Click the link to access the ‘Shaking Hands with the Past’ website containing the Viking artefacts you will be studying:

Open the document ‘History Detective Worksheet’ to see the format for recording your observations of the artefacts (or look at the images below on this page)


You can print out and fill in the worksheet or write up your observations on a separate piece of paper using the questions as subheadings.


Step 3:


On the ‘Shaking Hands with the Past’ website there are 4 episodes in the section ‘Season 1’ including: Viking Sock; Viking Coin Die; Viking Board Game; and Viking Instruments. Choose a video to watch and fill in your History Detective Worksheet/write up your observations on a separate sheet of paper. Do this for 3 of the artefacts of your choice.


Tip: Not all of the required information is available in the video, you will need to use your historical skills to make a judgement on the artefact.