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The Vikings – Invasion


This session looks at the Viking invasion of Britain. It includes where they invaded, how they did it and how it affected Britain.

Step 1:

Firstly, you will write your name in Viking Runes. Using the ‘Viking Rune Writer’ worksheet you will have to find the rune for each letter of your name. This can be your real name or your Viking name from the previous History task. Write out your name using both the alphabet and Viking runes.


Step 2:

Watch the video:

This is a 10-minute video detailing the invasion and settlement of Britain by the Vikings. Pay attention as it has lots of information and will help when you complete the worksheet in step 3.

Step 3:Read the text, answer the questions and mark your answers


Open the ‘Victorious Viking Text’ and the ‘Victorious Viking Questions’ worksheet, read the information then answer the questions before marking using the ‘Victorious Viking Answers’ sheet.


You may wish to print out the worksheet, otherwise, you can write your answers out on any piece of paper you have. This is a comprehension style worksheet in which you will find out the information in the text.


When completing the final question (drawing) show someone to see what they think of your depiction!