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The Vikings – Who were the Vikings?


Here begins your study into the Vikings. In this session you will be looking at who the Vikings were and whether they are really like we think they are.


Step 1:


Firstly, you need to create your Viking name. Open the ‘Viking Name Generator’ file. Follow the two steps to find a name you would like to have – then try to pronounce it!







Step 2:


Create the table below (printable template available) to detail what you think Vikings are like – then what they are really like.


What I think the Vikings were like…

What the Vikings were really like…

Vikings wore helmets with horns




First, fill in the column on the left: write your own views, ideas and understanding of the Vikings. One has been done for you – think about Viking stereotypes and classic images of Viking people. Write as many as you can.

Step 3:


Watch this video to help understand what the Vikings were really like:


Fill in the column on the right, writing in facts about the Vikings. Write as many facts as you can including details from the video.



Step 4:


Check your facts against the ‘What the Vikings were really like’ document. See how many you knew from the column on the left and how many were different from what you thought. Were you surprised?