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Lesson 1 and 2 

LO: Research Elizabethan explorers 



  • Use key words to search the internet 

  • Find a reliable source 

  • Take note of the most relevant and important details 

  • Google is a good search engine. Make sure you use key phrases when searching such as “Who is Christopher Columbus and why is he famous?” 



Find the meaning of the following key vocabulary: 

  1. Trade 

  1. Ambition 

  1. Power 

  1. Religion 

  1. Adventure 

  1. Ports 


Main task – This should take 2 lessons (Detail and relevant information is key) 

  1. Using the template research sheet, research 5 of the famous Elizabethan explorers. It is important to find out who, why, where, when, how and any other important facts they may be relevant to either the explorers’ character or the British empire. 


Useful sources and websites