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Head Teachers Awards

Archie received the first headteacher's award for his amazing art work on portraits.

Well done to Robbie, Sophie O, Sophie E, Jessie and Imogen on earning their headteachers awards.

Great work in geography to research an African country and present it on a plate.




Leo F

More headteachers awards. Well done to Jessie, Samuel, Evie, Sophie O, Lily WW, Lily A for their great DT designs.

Well done to our fabulous artists and their collaborative collages.

1 Flower bomb by Sophie E, Sophie O and Poppy

a dining room that turns into a flower bomb. The two girls are really confused and don't know what to do


2 Fashion Famous by Jessie Becca and Amelie

Represents the lies, confusion and false beauty portrayed in todays society


3 Picassos restaurant by Alex Alfie Dylan and Robbie

A restaurant with Picasso style people