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Guided reading



Read ‘How Zeus became King of the Gods’. You may want to read this out loud, take it in turns to read with an adult or read independently.


Answer the comprehension questions in an exercise book or on some paper.


  1. How many children did Rhea and Cronus have?
  2. Where did Zeus get his lightning bolt from?
  3. Look at the paragraph beginning ‘Zeus knew that Cronus..’ Find and copy the word which means the same as ‘revenge’
  4. Why was the winged beast so easy to defeat?
  5. Why do you think the author included the line: ‘Zeus knew that Cronus would defeat them easily as a spider defeats a struggling fly in its web’



Prediction activity


1.)Look at the front cover of this book ‘The Whispering Skull’ by Johnathan Stroud.


Why do you think the illustrator has designed the front cover like this?


What do you think will happen in this book?


Who do you think the man is wearing the coat?

2.) Listen to the audio clip read out loud


We find out in Chapter one Lockwood sees a ghost.


  • Can you think of adjectives to describe the eerie and spooky atmosphere? Write them down


  • How would you feel if you saw a ghost? Think about all of your 5 senses

e.g My mouth would be dry but my hands and feet would probably be sweating profusely from the sheer terror. I think my would legs would be weak and although I would want to run away I would not be able to because my hold body is as still as statue in fear.



Today you are going to listen to Chapter 1 of James and the Giant Peach but before hearing the first part of the story have a go at the activity below. You can draw the table in rough on a piece of paper.


Look at the front cover

Now enjoy the first part of the story.



Have a listen to Chapter 2 of James and the Giant Peach [Text Wrapping Break] 

Discuss or have a think about: You may want to jot some of your ideas down- we will listen to more of the story next week. 


What do we learn about Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker? 


How are James feelings different from when he lived at his parents compared to his



Tell me No Lies

As you watch, think about the following questions:

  • What is your first impression of Gemma?
  • How do you know that she cares about these newspaper clippings?

Now complete the written activity:

Read extract 1 and complete activity 1 below.

Gemma turned the page. Here, a mum with smiling eyes and untidy hair like a halo hugged her daughter tight, whilst the headline below the photograph yelled out, MOTHER SAVES CHILD FROM OVERTURNED CAR. And on the opposite page, a mum standing next to a boy, her arm around his shoulders. The headline that went this photograph declared, MUM FLIES OFF WITH SON FOR NEW HEART. Gemma only ever kept the headlines that went with her mums – never the full newspaper article – but she could remember the story that went with this one. The mum’s son needed a heart and liver transplant and the doctors in Britain had all but written him off. But not his mum. His mum was determined to do whatever it took to keep her son alive, so she’d taken him to America. And it had had a happy ending. The boy received his transplant and lived. Gemma sighed. She liked happy endings.

What impression do you have of Gemma so far? If you had to describe Gemma, what would you say?

In this activity, you will need to use evidence from the text to support your answer.

When you have chosen a word to describe Gemma (an impression/a point) find a section of the text that supports you (evidence).

You might like to present your answer in a table like this:


Impression (What Do You Think)

Evidence (Section Of Text To Prove Your Point)

Make a point


Make a point


Make a point


Make a point