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Geography- Understanding how and why earthquakes occur.

You will need to look at the following powerpoint or PDF and follow the instructions below.


  1. Slide 2-Look at Folkstone news article.  Create some enquiry questions relating to this event.


  1. Slide 3- Gives a brief summary about earthquakes in the UK and there is an opportunity to research British Geological Survey


  1. Slide 4 -re-caps plate boundary knowledge from previous lesson.


  1. Slide 5 and 6 - Looks in more depth at ‘Transform Plate Boundaries’


  1. Slide 7, 8 and 9 - Learn about structure of an earthquake and then research how they are measured.


  1. Slide 10 to 4-  Learn about San Andrea fault (video clips to dip in and out of).


  1. Slide 15- Understand how people and countries prepare for earthquakes



Your Task- You are living in an earthquake zone. You need to be prepared in order to keep safe and survive any disaster. Make a leaflet or poster with some top tips.