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  1. Brief re-cap different mountain types: fold, fault block and dome mountains
  2. Objective: L.O: To understand why and how volcanic eruptions happen
  3. 5-minute recall of prior learning: structure of the earth and plate tectonics
  4. Watch Youtube link about volcanoes, discuss enquiry questions: what are volcanoes composed of and what erupts from volcanoes?
  5. Discuss Ring of Fire
  6. Explore 2 plate boundaries (constructive and destructive). Complete mini tasks on slides which focus on a volcano in Iceland and volcanoes in Chile.
  7. Final task produce a poster/ leaflet that outlines the differences between shield and composite volcanoes (suggested helpful links on slides). Also a diagram of composite volcanoes to refer to on the slides.
  8. Finally, as a plenary look at past evidence that shows there might have been previous evidence of volcanic activity in the UK.