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Geography Home learning 1st June week

This half term, our geography focuses on Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquake.  This week you will learn about Mount Everest.  I hope you find this lesson as fascinating as I did!


Mount Everest documents

1. Look at the powerpoint or PDF up to slide 3 and watch the video link 'Everest Expedition Google Earth flyover  (The link is also below)

Everest Education Expedition Google Earth Flyover

This Google Earth flyover shows the route to Mount Everest Base Camp that will be taken by members of the 2012 Everest Education Expedition. This video suppo...

2. Look at slide 3 to 15 of the powerpoint or PDF to learn about the climate and geographical features of Mount Everest.


3. Look at slide 16 'What other dangers does the Everest environment pose?' .  Watch the video and make notes (the video link is also below) 

What Happens to Your Body When You Climb Everest

4. Using your notes from the video and ​

your own knowledge can you make a poster which lists the dangers of climbing Mount Everest.​

​Optional: Research hazards of climbing Mount Everest​


Hint: Look on slide 18 for some ideas (or below)