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I hope you enjoyed watching the documentary last week about the first ever successful ascent to the summit of Mount Everest. You will need your notes from last lesson which will help you with today’s task (I have attached the video in the powerpoint again if you need).



This week we are going to focus on writing a diary entry imagining that we are either Tenzing Norgay or Edmund Hilary. I know lots of you have written a diary entry but follow these instructions:


  1. Open L3 Mount Everest and look through the ‘Teach’ slides with your pod ‘leader’ or if you are learning from home see if you can with an adult.
  2. You may want to use the file ‘word bank’ to help you think of some vocabulary you might want to use to describe the feelings of how you felt. Climbing to the summit of the tallest mountain above sea level is sure to be a roller coaster journey.