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Making a Weather Station 

This week (and next week), all of you can try the geography task set by Droitwich Spa High School.

We are going to set you a  project for collecting information about the weather this summer. We don’t mind when you start this but we want you to be a weatherman or weatherwoman for two weeks. To do this we are going to ask you to make weather instruments and then collect a series of weather data. This is a link to how the professionals do this and it is worth reading before you start.


Your task is to make an instrument to record information for every type of weather stated below.


There are four things we would like you to record:

  1. Wind
  2. Speed and Direction
  3. Cloud Cover
  4. Rain Pressure

Task from DSHS

If you are going to DSHS, you will need to take this work with you when you start year 8.