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Geography – Freshwater 


This week’s task is continued from last week’s learning and questions. 


Task 1 


Using the ‘Freshwater Week 2 Writing Task’ document, write a report based on this: 


Imagine you’re a wildlife journalist reporting on a new dam that has been proposed 

to be built across a large river (you can choose and research a river of your choice). 

Write an article explaining the importance of freshwater and the impact this dam 

will have on both humans and the species that live there. Don’t forget to include an 

alternative solution, an attention-grabbing headline, facts and quotes from the 

experts and an interesting image! 


Tip: Use your learning from week 1, including the completed worksheet, the educator guide and online resources. 


You can write on paper, on the printed sheet or on your computer. Keep hold of your completed work as we hope to share these in the future! 



Task 2 


Look at the ‘Freshwater Week 2 Additional Pond Task’ sheet. If possible, follow the instructions to create your own mini wildlife pond at home. 


Be sure to document any creatures that visit your pond using the Seek nature app - as well as taking photos to share in school when we return.