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This weeks game is based on cricket.


Bowling - Using your wicket/stump/bin, practice bowling underarm at your target. This will improve your accuracy for KwikCricket. If you want to advance your skill level, try bowling overarm too.


Batting - Throw the tennis ball off the wall and practice batting the ball when it returns from the wall




The game is set up by having an object as the wickets (Bin, stumps, bucket etc). The batsman stands in front of this object. When the bowler underarm throws the cricket/tennis ball to the batsman, the batsman has to try and hit. Once it has been hit or missed, the batsman must run to their cone and back. Once the bowler receives the ball, they can bowl even if the batsman hasn't returned. To get the batsman out, they can be caught or bowled.


How the game might look:




               C        (10 strides apart)                X                                         C                   X= Batsman

                                                                                                                                          B= Bowler

                                                                 10 strides from x to b                                    F = Fielder

                    F                                                                                           F                       C = Cone




You may need to modify your game based on how many people play with you. Try to get family members involved to keep them fit and active too.