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This weeks game session is based on rounders.




Reaction game - Throw the ball off the wall and try to catch it. To make it more difficult by increasing your throwing power or by making the angle more difficult to reach.


Alternate hands - Throw the ball against the wall with one hand and catch with the opposite. To make this more difficult, increase the speed of your throw or time yourself to see how many catches you can make in a set time.




Using a tennis/rounder ball, practice bowling underarm at a target (On the wall, bottle, hoop etc). Try stepping into the bowl to generate more power. Be careful that your accuracy doesn't stray as you increase the power.


Rounders game


Play a game of rounders with your family members. You may need to adapt the game based on your equipment and number of players.


Remember -

  • To get someone out, they can be caught or stumped at one of the four post.
  • Keep your bat with you at all times (do not share bats - If you don't have a bat, use another resource or your foot )
  • 1/2 rounder is scored getting to 2nd base, 1 rounder scored for getting all the way around.

How a rounders game might look;



                                Batter                                 Post 4



Post 1                      Bowler                                 Post 3



                                 Post 2