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'Keepy ups' :

  1. Children to use the tennis racket and ball to see how many keep ups that they can do.
  2. Try to use only the side of the racket
  3. Try holding the racket upside down and getting keep ups with the bottom of the handle.


Ball vs wall:

  1.  See how many shots you can play against the wall (The rally will end when the ball bounces more than twice or you miss the wall)
  2. See if you can now do this with only one bounce allowed (Like how it should be in real tennis)
  3. Make a target zone in which each shot must be hit between the target zones (If you miss the zone, rally over).


Tennis game:

  •  Play a game of tennis with a partner



  • Clean hands before playing
  • Use the same racket throughout/ do not swap rackets
  • Clean hands and racket handle once you have finished your game