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Create your own fitness circuit:


Your circuit should have 8 different activities. You will need to lead the session and put family members through their paces. Consider which muscle groups are being used,  how long you would like each activity to last and if any breaks are required.


Example: (All activities will last 1 minute with a 10 second break in between each station)


Station 1 - Star Jumps - Arms and legs

Station 2 - Press ups - Arms and chest

Station 3 - Mountain climb - Legs and abdominals

Station 4 - Lunges - Legs

Station 5 - Arm extenders (jab the air) - Arms

Station 6 - Squats - Gluteal (bottom)

Station 7 - Invisible Skipping  - Legs

Station 8 - Sit ups - Abdominals


Extention - See if you can identify the scientific name for the muscles which you are using. 

Arm muscles could be broken down into use of the biceps or triceps etc