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English Year 5 task: Writing a story ending

Monday: Reading comprehension (to make comparisons within and across books)

1, Use the teaching link for today’s lesson:

2. Complete the comparisons worksheet (on the slide show on the web page).

  3. Practice this week’s spellings (adding prefixes and suffixes to the root word) using look, cover,              write, check.

           referring    referred  referral  preferring  preferred    transferred     transferring   transferral 

Extension: Complete today’s quick quiz.


Tuesday: Reading focus (predictions)

1.Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

2 .Complete the comprehension activity worksheet slide show.

Extension: Write 5 sentences using this week's spellings

referring    referred   referral    preferring    preferred    transferred     transferring    transferral 


Wednesday-Reading/writing focus (identifying the features of an alternative story ending)

1.Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

   2.Complete the independent activity worksheet on the slide show.

3. Practise this week’s spellings using look, cover, write, check.


Extension: Write your own sentences using the punctuation and grammar features discussed today (speech punctuation, alternatives to said, adjectives and punctuation marks).

Thursday: Writing an alternative story ending- SPAG focus (speech)


  1. Use the teaching link for this lesson

   2. Complete the SPAG activity worksheet questions about speech.

   3. Practice your spellings ready for your test tomorrow.


Friday-Writing Focus (writing an alternative story ending)


1..Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

  2. Complete your spelling test as you are watching the clip.

  3. Plan and write your alternative story ending and upload  your work on E-praise to show your teacher.  The worksheet slides on the website will help to remind you of the WAGOLL, the organisaion and key features to include and the success criteria.