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English Year 5 tasks: Writing a non-chronological report

Monday: Reading comprehension (word meaning)

1. Use the teaching link for today’s lesson:

2.Complete the word meaning questions worksheet (on the slide show on the web page)

3. Practice this week’s spellings (using the letter string ‘ei’ or the rule ‘I before E except after C) using look, cover, write, check.

   deceive    conceive      receive   perceive   ceiling    receipt      conceit    deceipt

Extension: Write the meanings of each of your spellings.


Tuesday: Reading focus (fact retrieval)

1.Use the teaching link for today’s lesson

2. Complete the comprehension activity worksheet slide show.

3. Write 5 sentences using this week's spellings ( the suffix -ible)

forcible    legible    possible    horrible    terrible  visible   incredible    sensible   

CHALLENGE- create you own word search using this week’s spellings.


Wednesday-Reading/writing focus (identifying the features of a non- chronological report)

1.Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

2.Complete the independent activity worksheet on the slide show.

3. Practise this week’s spellings using look, cover, write, check.


Extension: Write your own sentences using the features discussed today (modal verbs, relative clauses, expanded noun phrases and facts and figures).

Thursday: Writing a non- chronological report- SPAG focus (modal verbs)


1.Use the teaching link for this lesson (do not be put off that it is entitled ‘instructions- SPAG focus- modal verbs as this is a mistake on the website).



2. Complete the SPAG activity worksheet ( 5 questions about modal verbs)

3. Practice your spellings ready for your test tomorrow.

Friday-Writing Focus (writing a non- chronological report)

1..Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

2. Complete your spelling test as you are watching the clip.

3. Plan and write your non-chronological report about a mythical creature and upload your work on E-praise to show your teacher.  The worksheet slides on the webpage will help you to remind you how to organise your paragraphs, what SPAG to include and the success criteria.