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English Year 5 task: Writing a set of instructions

Monday: Reading comprehension (the language of instructions)


1. Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

2. Complete the comprehension activity worksheet (on the slide show on the web page).

 3. Write 5 sentences using this week's spellings ( the suffix -ibly)


forcibly   legibly   possibly   horribly    terribly   visibly   incredibly     sensibly

Tuesday: Reading focus (word meaning)


1.Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

2.Complete the comprehension activity worksheet slide show.


3. If you were trying to explain what your spellings meant, what would you say? Choose 4 to give your meaning

e.g. Please try to write legibly at all times.

Wednesday-Reading/writing focus (identifying the features of a set of instructions)


1.Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

2.Complete the activity and then write your own set of instructions using the main features you have looked at in the lesson (adverbials; imperative verbs; organisational features; colons and semi colons). The choice of instructions are your choice.


3. Ask your parent / carer to test you on your spellings with the prefix -ibly

Thursday: Sets of instructions- SPAG focus (cohesive devices)


  1. Use the teaching link for this lesson

2. Complete the SPAG activity worksheet (do not be put off by the incorrect title of ‘Diary entry- SPAG cohesive devices’ as it is all about instructions! )


3.Using the instructions you wrote yesterday, edit your work to ensure that you are using the best cohesive devices  (adverbials of time and number; conjunctions; pronouns to  link back to other words.)

Friday-Writing Focus (writing a set of instructions)

1.Use the teaching link for today’s lesson.

2.Complete your spelling test as you are watching the clip.

3. Plan and write you set of instructions to catch a dragon and upload your work on epraise to show your teacher.


  • An introductory paragraph with a rhetorical question
  • An equipment list (imaginative and descriptive)
  • Instructions- sequenced steps with adverbials of time and number.
  • Examples of all the SPAG from this week (adverbials, imperative verbs, conjunctions, pronouns and, as always, expanded noun phrases)