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SPaG Starters 

From this week, we will be giving you a quick SPaG starter to complete everyday. All you need to do is answer three questions and then mark your answers. Click below to see your questions

Sherlock Holmes 

This week we will be writing a newspaper report on the death of Dr Roylott!

Did you suspect it was him who killed Julia?

Did you figure out that 'the speckled band' was a snake?


Use the video below to watch the parts relating to Dr Roylott's death. Make notes on the details you will include within your newspaper article. Consider the following:

1) 5 W's (where, when, who, what and why)

2) The key events leading to Dr Roylott's death

3) Helen Stoner's reaction to his death

4) Details that link with his death like the death of Julia and how that happened/why.

5) How others would describe Dr Roylott? Are they sad to hear he is dead or relieved?

6) The clues that led Sherlock Holmes to figure out Dr Roylott's deadly plan to kill Helen (low whistle, bell rope, metal clang, milk).

The Speckled Band


Using your notes from yesterday, start to plan your newspaper article using one of the planning sheets below (I have included 4 for you to choose from). Consider what information you will include first and then your structure/order and layout afterwards. Watch the video and use the features of a newspaper report below to help you.

WATCH - Creating a News Report

This video is about Creating a News Report


Have a look at an example newspaper article and use the checklist to identify what has been included and if there is anything missing. Use this to help you with your article - is there anything extra you need to include/consider?

Thursday & Friday 

The next two days are for writing your newspaper report. Use the 'standard newspaper phrases' sheet below to help you with your vocabulary. PLEASE SUBMIT THIS TASK ON EPRAISE FOR YOUR TEACHER TO OFFER FEEDBACK.