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This week you will be consolidating your reading and grammar skills. It’s so important to continue to read widely and that is why we have included last week’s headlines from ‘First News’- a child friendly newspaper where you can learn all things weird and wonderful! You could even take the quiz at the end. 


Complete the 2 spelling activity sheets and then have a go at ‘Look, Say, Write, Cover and Check’. I would suggest you spread these across the day so you do not have to focus on too many words at once. 


Explain Your Answer Using Evidence From The Text 

Open the PDF which has the text and questions you need to read. The skill you will be practising is using evidence from the text to justify your answers. This task is differentiated 3 ways


Beginner                     Easy                      Tricky 


Choose one level to complete and then mark at the end, it may be easier to write your answers on a piece of paper rather than writing inside the boxes if you decide to print these sheets out. 


Read ‘First News’ to find out about all the latest news across the world, if you would like you can even have a go at the quiz after to see how much knowledge you have remembered!