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Sherlock Holmes 

Our new topic for the next few weeks, will be mystery writing which will be focused around the stories of Sherlock Holmes. You may have seen the TV series/watched the film but if not, Sherlock Holmes is a character created by the author: Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock is a science based detective who embarks on a number of adventures to solve crime with his partner (Dr Watson). 

Monday & Tuesday 

Read ' A study in Scarlett' - the story is set in the Victorian era (1800's) so you will notice lots of contemporary language. Take two days to read the story of how Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes met - it is written from Dr Watson's point of view. As you read the story, highlight any words you are unsure about and find out the meaning (keep a note of them).



Now you have read about both Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes, use 'A study in Scarlett,' to build a character profile for both of them (use the template provided and include evidence from the text). Have a look at the ANSWER sheet for some ideas if needed.


Your task today is to write a letter as if you are Dr Watson writing to a friend about meeting Sherlock Holmes. You will need to use contemporary language (see the key words sheet). Have a look at the example before having a go so you know what is expected. Plan your letter first and then have a go at writing it - look at the picture of the letter layout to help you. Once finished, mark your work using the success criteria. PLEASE SUBMIT THIS TASK ON EPRAISE FOR YOUR TEACHER TO OFFER FEEDBACK.


Bank Holiday!