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Now that we have come to the end of our poetry unit, it is time to start our next topic...SHAKESPEARE!

This week you will be looking at the life of William Shakespeare with the end goal of writing a magazine article all about him and how he became one of the worlds most famous authors. 


MONDAY - To help you learn more about Shakespeare's life, read the texts and complete the comprehension questions. Remember to mark your answers as you go.


TUESDAY - Now you know the basics, it's time to find out more details. Using the information provided and websites recommended, make some notes on the template provided. Include notes on the 5W's, childhood and education, family, rise to fame/career, achievements and final years).


WEDNESDAY - It is now time to look at some example magazine articles and their features. Find examples of the features in the articles and comment on how effective they are using the template provided.

THURSDAY - By now you should have all the knowledge and understanding of Shakespeare and magazine articles you need to start planning your article. Consider who your target audience are going to be...will your article be aimed at children or adults? Your audience will determine your writing style and layout. Children like 'fun facts' whereas as adults prefer more mature details. 

FRIDAY- Let the writing begin. You can either handwrite or type your article. Refer to the success criteria sheet to see what your teacher is expecting and do not forget to edit and improve until you are 100% happy with it. Once finished, we would love to see your final versions - email a copy or photo to your teacher so we can celebrate your success together. 


I have also added some example introductions to get you going.