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Current Affairs

Year 5 Current Affairs

Task 1:

Let’s begin by looking at today’s current affairs. Watch today's bulletin by using the link below;

Task 2:

Discuss with your pod, or family at home what you have seen.

You might discuss:

Do any of the reports surprise you?

Do you agree/disagree with any of the reports?

Which one was the most interesting?

Did the bulletin give you all the answers you wanted? If not, what questions do you have and where could you find the answers?

Task 3:

Remind yourself of what we looked at last week by looking at page 1 of the PDF or the picture below.

This week we are going to look at the ‘Thoughts, Feelings and Action’ cycle. Look at the scenario  on the PowerPoint or each picture below.  Stop at each picture below  or powerpoint slide and discuss in your Pod or with your family at home.

Task 4:

Read the slide on the PDF – Breaking the cycle or look at the pictures below.  Discuss in your Pod or with your family at home the following questions – based on scenario 1


  • What clues or signs might the person in scenario 1 notice in themselves?


  • What clues or signs might the person’s friends or family members have noticed that would suggest they might need some help?


  • How could you ‘break the cycle’ at different points? (thoughts, feelings, action)


  • What can we do to help our mental health?


  • What would you suggest if a person starts to feel sad, anxious or worried about something?



Read through the rest of the scenarios on the PowerPoint or look at the pictures below. Use the questions to help you.

  • Has the cycle started?
  • Are there any signs or clues that show this person might be in need of some help or advice because their worries are getting TOO BIG for them to manage?
  • Suggest what could the help or advice be?