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Current Affairs

Year 5 Current Affairs 


Task 1: Let’s begin by looking at  today's current affairs. 


Watch today's bulletin by using the link below;

Task 2: 

Discuss with your pod, or family at home what you have seen. 

You might discuss: 

Do any of the reports surprise you? 

Do you agree/disagree with any of the reports? 

Which one was the most interesting? 


Task 3: 

Am I always responsible for my actions? 


Watch the video clip at the link below:

Pause at the questions and discuss with your pod or family at home.  

You could write your ideas down.  

Does everyone in your pod/family agree?  

What are the different opinions? 


Should the frog carry the scorpion across?’ (01:20) 

Who was responsible for what happened to the frog and the scorpion? (02:15) 

What did the scorpion mean when she said it’s in her nature? (02:19) 

Could Karim have stopped himself from breaking his promise? (03:49) 

How is Karim’s promise different to the scorpion’s promise? (03:54) 



If something is in our nature, can we control it? 

How much control do humans have over our character? 

If we can control our character, then are we always responsible for what we do? 


Add reasons to your answers, to explain your opinions and to present alternative viewpoints.