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Current Affairs

Task 1: Let’s begin by looking at today’s current affairs.


Watch todays bulletin by using the link below;


Task 2:

Discuss with your pod, or family at home what you have seen.

You might discuss:

Do any of the reports surprise you?

Do you agree/disagree with any of the reports?

Which one was the most interesting?

Did the bulletin give you all the answers you wanted? If not, what questions do you have and where could you find the answers?


Task 3:

Self-esteem and personality. What do they mean?

Discuss with your pod or family at home. 

Does everyone agree?

Can you come up with a definition for both?


Task 4:

Follow the PowerPoint.



Why might there be differences between what you thought about yourself and what your partner thought?

Has your self-esteem been boosted because someone has recognised a personal quality that you did not see in yourself?

Who do you admire? 

What personal qualities does this person have that you admire?


*Due to the nature of this activity there are no answers for this week*