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Current Affairs

Task 1: Let’s begin to look by looking today’s current affairs.


Watch todays bulletin by using the link below;


Task 2:

Discuss with your pod, or family at home what you have seen.

You might discuss:

Do any of the reports surprise you?

Do you agree/disagree with any of the reports?

Which one was the most interesting?

Did the bulletin give you all the answers you wanted? If not, what questions do you have and where could you find the answers?


Task 3:

Recap – What is mental health? 

Discuss with your pod or family at home.

We can imagine a person’s mental health as a balanced set of scales. When our mental health is balanced then everything is ‘OK’.  We can cope with our feelings and get on with everyday life.


Draw your own scales on piece of paper – or if you prefer simply fold your paper in half and then open it out again. On one side write ‘Challenge’ on the other ‘Support’.


Task 4:

Challenge – something that could have a negative impact on a person’s mental health.

Support – something that could have a positive impact on a person’s mental health.

Use the PowerPoint slides – ‘Scenarios’, discuss in your pod or with your family at home if the scenario is a ‘challenge’ or ‘support’.

Write them by your scales or under the headings. (The PowerPoint is not interactive it just simply gives you one scenario at a time to think about)


As you go through discuss in your pod or with your family at home when the scales maybe tipping. 

What could you do to balance the scales again?

Choose one more scenario of your own to add to the support side.



Are some of the challenges bigger than others and therefore have a bigger effect?


Do the same methods of support work for all people?