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Investigate the development of the computer

You have three weeks to complete the following task:


Computers have changed over the years with new developments in technology and this change is happening at an ever-faster rate. An example of this is from computers with very little computational ability taking up whole rooms in a building to smartphones.


You will need to do research into the various stages of computer development over the years and identify the changes that took place. 


You can present this work as:

  • a poster (drawn or computer made)

  • a presentation

  • or a film (include pictures)


Remember to be creative we are looking for superb work to showcase on the website.


You must:

  • explain the difference between old and modern computers

  • show at least three different computers

  • have several images of the computer

  • label them

  • give details about them, what it could do and what it was used for

  • not copy and paste writing from the internet or books. It must be your own words