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Computer Science can make a positive difference to our world, examples of this could be self-driving cars which make our roads safer or data analysis that can make tackling diseases easier and more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more widespread in the world of computing. One aspect of AI is ‘machine learning’ whereby computers/machines learn and adapt to situations.


Part 1:
Complete the following activity using the link below:


Part 2:

Widespread and historical challenges, such as poverty and environmental sustainability, will often require lots of people to modify their attitude and behaviours, that may need cooperation or sacrifice, technology can assist by prompting efforts, detecting problems, and ease barriers. Artificial Intelligence is likely to be heavily involved in this process; however, some people believe that AI may have detrimental effects or unintended consequences.

Research the possible benefits and negative aspects of Artificial Intelligence. Create a poster to represent your findings. This could be drawn and photographed for submission or completed using computer software.


We are hoping to be able to put some of this work on the school website and would like you to submit your work. This will need to be done via e-praise. If you log on to epraise, this task will appear shortly in homework. After completing your work, you can attach your work and submit it to your teacher. The deadline to upload work will be Friday 1st May 2020.


Poster Success Criteria:

1. Eye-catching – bold/bright colours.
2. Title stands out
3. Informative – tells people the information that they need