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Book recommendations

This book recommendation comes from Holly

Title: Nevermore

Author:  Jessica Townsend


The book I would like to recommend is Nevermoor because it is a true, one of a kind book.


Nevermoor is a brilliant book about a girl called Morrigan Crow who is destined to die on her eleventh birthday.  However, just in time, magical Jupiter North whisks her off to compete in trials for the Wonderous Society, but is she an illegal?  Should she be in the free state?  No one knows, or do they.....


I would recommend this book to readers of all ages.  Just remember to step boldly into Nevermoor and enjoy.


Jessica Townsend is the brilliant author of this truly amazing book.  Jessica sometimes lives in Australia (where she grew up) and sometimes in the busy city of London.  She was previously a copywriter and editor of a children's wildlife magazine for Seteve Irwin's Australia Zoo.

This book recommendation comes from Miss Quine

Title:  Hobbit

Author:  J.R.R.  Tolkien



Miss Quine thinks you should read this book because it is all about a group of people who go on an adventure to find an object.  This book will give you wonderful ideas, for you to magpie, which you can incorporate into the narratives you are currently composing.