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Week 2 Activity



TASK ONE – How to tie a square lashing.   (Skip adverts) 

Build a Weight Bearing Structure with the Square Lashing - ITS Knot of the Week HD

TASK TWO – Make your own picture frame. 

You will need: 


4 x sticks (2 x pairs of sticks roughly the same length/size – between 40-60cm long and about 2cm thick). 

1 x tube (containing string/wool/scissors). 

Natural materials you have found in the woods.  



1)   Place your 4 sticks (same length sticks on opposite sides) in a square/rectangle on the floor.   

2)   Attach a long piece of string to one of the corners and tie a square lashing.  Repeat this at each corner to make a frame.  

3)   Go into the woods and find natural objects to attach to your picture frame. 

4)   Use the pieces of wool to attach the items you have found to the sides of your frame, hang from the bottom – decorate it however you want it’s your frame. 

5)   Go back into the woods and collect natural items to make a picture.  

6)   Place your frame on the flood and make your picture inside it. 


TASK 3 – Evaluation  

Everyone to walk round each other’s frame (social distance) and see if you can guess what picture they have made.  Tell each other why you added certain items to your frame and why you made your picture. 


If you are in school, collect tubs/equipment from and returned to the table outside of the Green Lab.  One tub/set of equipment is provided for each child.    

Wet weather programme 


Click on the link to the 'Escape Rooms' page below (Our cub leader has permission to use this within school) 


Top Tips

  • Remember to use your observations skills.
  • Make notes as you go along.