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Welcome to 6AP's class page. 



How great it is to be back in school where lots of children are learning again - and boy, does the school look great! We have exciting new educational murals in all of the key areas of school so that the place looks vibrant and full of colour to inspire the children back into learning. We also have plenty of new IT in classrooms and across the school to help improve and modernise the classroom.


Our first and most important task is to settle the children into school gently and ensure they are safe and comfortable in their new classrooms and Year group 'bubbles'. Shortly after, we will be conducting a few low stakes quizzes to find and close any learning gaps that have popped up through the COVID shutdown. This is our Autumn Transition Package and will last for the first half term.


Each week, I will keep you posted on the key events and any important information you need to know for the week ahead - I will also send this on epraise.


Welcome to 6AP - we are ready to go!