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Welcome to 5SO's class page.

Class message 29th June...


I hope that you have all had a good weekend despite the change in the weather. 


It has been great to see examples of some really good work that you have been completing.


There is lots of work available - some of which will be more difficult than others - but do your best and have a go. It would be nice to see more of you uploading work and being proud of yourself for your learning; however don't stress about getting everything done and make sure you take time for hobbies. If you do upload work you will receive some epraise points!


I hope that you have all been reading regularly as this will help with developing your writing skills. I am currently reading the new Alex Rider novel 'Nightshade'. What are you all reading?


This week will be following some online maths videos to complete some fractions revision on fractions and using the Oak National Academy lessons to write a diary entry.


Keep well and stay safe!

Class message 15th June


Hello 5SO,

Just a quick note to see how you are all doing. Firstly, I hope you are all well and not too bored. Some of you have been submitting some superb work and are doing really well. Remember, you can earn epraise points!

School is definitely a different place without you all here. I hope that you aren't finding the work that is being set too difficult. If you do have a significant worry about something then you can message me by epraise and I will try to help you out as best I can.

Finally, try to make sure that you are doing some exercise as this will ensure that you stay fit and healthy, but most of all enjoy the sunshine!

Best wishes,

Mr O.

Class Message 28th May:


Hi all in team 5SO,


It is the half term holiday!


Hope you are enjoying yourself in the fantastic weather having a well deserved break - spend some time outside and have fun! Last week I spent some time going out for walks and working in my garden.


Although it doesn't feel like it, next week will be our eight week since school closed. I am really missing the usual routine of school and seeing your learning. Year 5 teachers are currently working hard to create a range of tasks to keep you busy but most importantly, to keep you LEARNING!


If you need any help or advice remember you can contact me through the ePraise messaging system. There will be new home learning on the website next week and it would be really nice to see more of you using the opportunities to submit work via ePriase. Look out for the windows to do so, but make sure you upload the correct work to the slots on your planner.


Class Message 15th May:


Hello 5SO,


I hope that you have all had another good week and are all still safe and well.


I have really enjoyed seeing some of the things that you have been doing and you should have received some feedback via epraise/'my maths'. Also, look at the home learning gallery as some of your work is being showcased there.


I am sure that you know that 25th May is the start of the half term holiday. As part of the year 5 team I will be working in school that week and therefore I have been given next week (18th May) as my holiday. Please continue to upload any of your work and complete 'my maths' tasks and I will have a look at it when I am in school.


Best wishes,


Mr O.

Class Message 11th May:


Hello 5SO!


I hope that you and your families are all safe and well at home. I don't know about you, but I really miss the usual routine of school and can't wait to be back as I have completely lost track of time!


As you are all aware you all now have access to your own epraise accounts. Just log in with your usual computer ID from school. Please use this tool to send messages if you want help with anything, to chat or if you want to share something that you have achieved - I will reply. Also, there will be opportunities starting this week to send me examples of your work so that I can see what you have been getting up to - I am looking forward to seeing this! These will be shown in your epriase planner - look out for them - you can send pictures or typed documents. Some of the work that you send me will be uploaded to the 'home learning' gallery or the class page on the school website.


You should all now have received your 'my maths' logins. Some of your maths learning is being set via this method. Please have a go and again I will be able to send you some feedback on your accomplishments.


Whilst the world is a very different place at the moment, don't worry about things and use this time to explore what is about you, for example a garden or go for a walk, as well as your home learning. Have a look at the amazing things nature is up to. Send in some pictures of things that you see!


Best wishes,


Mr O.



On our page you will find:


  • Examples of our learning journey showing you what we have been up to
  • Links to other educational sites that can be used for homework, extra learning practice or for general interest
  • Reading recommendations



Class Expectations


A member of 5SO will:


Read for 10 minutes and complete their reading record at least 3 times per week to be handed in on Monday

Ensure that the correct homework is completed and is submitted by Wednesday

Line up quietly entering the building after break/lunch

Stand behind their chairs quietly waiting to be dismissed from lessons

Come to class with a mindset "to have a go" and expect to make mistakes

Ensure that they have all the necessary equipment needed for learning to be a success



Reading Recommendations...


Alex Rider -

As a class we have been listening to the first book in the Alex Rider series (Stormbreaker) written by Anthony Horowitz. These books are about a 14 year old who ends up in the world of espionage much like a young James Bond. They are rich and imaginative stories which engross the reader. Anthony Horowitz has also written many children's books across a range of genres all of which are filled with ideas, vocabulary and grammar that can enrich a child's writing.


Holes -

If you have been enjoying the Louis Sacher text Holes in our English lessons then check out the sequel Small Steps as well as other books from the same other:

What have we been up to?


Some examples of the work that you have been producing at home.


Haiku Poems:


The boy is hungry

He is waiting for a catch

Will he eat a friend


Determined small boy

Fox shows boy pond full of fish

Thankful boy feeds fox


Swimming orange fish

Chased and stolen by a fox

Kindly saved its life