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Welcome to 5SO's class page.

18th Dec 2020


Well done 5SO. You have had a great start to your time at middle school and have worked really hard to achieve new knowledge in your learning. 


Now it is time to take a break, have a rest, relax and also have fun. 


Have a great Christmas!



Important information


Don't forget we have PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays so you'll need to wear your PE kit to school on those days.


Purple reading records need to be handed in on a Monday with comments included and signed by a parent.



Now that you are in year 5, we want to increase your independent learning to benefit you. Your homework will be given out every Wednesday and you will have until the following Tuesday to complete your tasks. It will consist of:

  •  15 minutes of reading, 5 days a week (record all reading in your reading records)
  •  Spellings (issued on Tuesday and tested on Monday), practise twice a week for 15mins each.
  •  Mymaths two pieces per week (approx 20mins each)
  •  Maths fluency (eg times tables) twice per week approx 15 mins each. 
  •  Grammar task (generally from a work book) approx 30mins.



Reading Recommendations...


Alex Rider -

As a class we have been listening to the first book in the Alex Rider series (Stormbreaker) written by Anthony Horowitz. These books are about a 14 year old who ends up in the world of espionage much like a young James Bond. They are rich and imaginative stories which engross the reader. Anthony Horowitz has also written many children's books across a range of genres all of which are filled with ideas, vocabulary and grammar that can enrich a child's writing.


Holes -

If you have been enjoying the Louis Sacher text Holes in our English lessons then check out the sequel Small Steps as well as other books from the same other: