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Tuesday 24th November 2020


Hi 5JB! 

We are now into the fourth week of Autumn 2!


We can really be proud of our progress this term so far and I look forward to speaking to your parents and carers on our virtual parent's evenings next week (Tuesday 1st Dec and Thursday 3rd Dec).  If you have not yet booked an appointment, you can do this on Epraise in the community tab under parents evening.  If you need any guidance on booking an appointment, the office would be happy to help. If you have booked an appointment, guidance will be sent to you on how to access your appointment very soon.


We have started to read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in our English lessons this week and we are watching film clips and recounts of life as an evacuee in the Second World War.  This will help us to empathise with the characters and to write a diary account from the viewpoint of one of the characters in the book.


In maths, we are starting our Statistics unit by revising how to interpret graphs and charts.


In science, we have researched scientists who had theories of our solar system and we are using TEAMS in the computer suite to create a collaborative Powerpoint to present the findings of our research.  In Geography we have used compass directions and OS map symbols in our study of Droitwich maps.  In art, we have planned our landscape final art pieces ready for painting.


We are looking forward to our World Curriculum day tomorrow based on 'A Life on our planet' by David Attenborough.  


Keep up the hard work and positive attitude, 5JB!


Remember to keep working hard towards earning your Epraise points- the Year 5 classes are 'neck and neck' on the leader board. 


 Keep up the great work, 5JBblush   


Mrs Bradburn

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Don't forget we have PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays so you'll need to wear your PE kit to school on those days.



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