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Witton Middle School


2. English


LO: Compose book review

Think of your favourite book and use the template to guide you through your book review

Please send to your teacher using epraise



LO: Compose a diary entry for the best day during lockdown.


- First person

- Chronological order

- Past tense

- Thoughts, feelings and emotions

- Make it interesting (well chosen vocabulary)

You can upload to epraise for your teacher



LO: Create a character profile

Create a character or your choice and use the template on the board (or the document at home) to guide you.

Challenge: turn a teacher from Witton into a book character (be kind though).

You can upload to epraise for your teacher



LO: Retell a story

Re-create a traditional fairy-tale eg Goldilocks and hide your character from yesterday somewhere in your new fair-tale.

These would be great for your teacher to read on epraise

For example: Goldilocks and the three teachers or perhaps, The three little pigs and the big bad teacher or even Cinderteach




Create an advertisement for the theme park you have created in maths. If you have not yet created one then create one for a theme park you would like to visit.