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1. Activity



TASK ONE (In School) – Identify Birds

You will need:

White board & pen.

Set of named birds and answer sheet.

1.   In your area 20 numbered laminated bird pictures have been hidden for you to find and identify.

2.   Lay out the named bird pictures so that the Pod can walk around them and see each bird.

3.   On their white boards they need to write the numbers 1-20.

4.   Set the children off around your area to find the numbered birds.

5.   When they find one they need to write the name next to the number on their white board.

6.   If they are unsure they can always come back and check with the named birds.

7.   Remind them not to move any of the numbered birds as other Pods will be using them.


TASK TWO – Evaluation

When everyone has identified as many birds as they can go through the answers.


Resources – Each child will need a white board and pen.  Equipment is to be collected from and returned to the table outside of the Green Lab.