School Performance Data 2018

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Performance Data 2018

All of our children should be proud of their achievements as they worked very hard.

Three Year Progress in Reading, Writing and Maths

The year on year progress for the 2014-2017 cohort indicates that we closed the gap between Witton Middle School pupils and the age-related standard expected for reading, writing and maths. This indicates good progress overall.

2016 Outcomes compared with 2017

The percentage achieving age-related expectations in 2017, when compared to 2016, shows an improving picture apart from in maths.

The percentage achieving above age-related in 2017 when compared to 2016 shows an improving picture overall.

We will continue to improve our outcomes for children expected to achieve beyond age-related expectations in maths and writing.

End of Year 4 when compared with SATs

For our current Year 7 cohort, progress from the end of Year 4 to Year 6 SATs is improving because we see an increasing percentage of pupils who have achieved the age-related standard.

SATs 2017

For children who took their SATs (National Tests) in 2017 the percentage achieving age-related standard is broadly in-line with the national average for reading. Our Teacher Assessment for writing is lower than the national average, and we are asking ourselves if we are too rigorously applying the assessment standards. Maths results are lower than the previous year, but based on the cohort, they are in-line with what we expected.

The Witton Middle School 2018 Development Plan foci are to:

  1. Further improving pupils ability to reason in maths.
  2. Further improve assessment strategies in maths and English.
  3. Further improve spelling and comprehension strategies in English.

Further improve by:

  1. Highlighting and sharing good practice.
  2. Developing questioning.
  3. Developing a culture of using research to improve teaching.
  4. Strengthen the capacity of middle leaders.
  5. Developing the use of data and assessment to inform next steps in learning.

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